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Benefits of Landscape Design

If you’ve just bought a house, updating the landscaping may not be your top priority. For many homeowners, landscaping is an afterthought; something that requires too much time and money to be essential. But a simple, smartly designed landscape is not necessarily expensive, and the upkeep it requires, if planned properly, can be easily accomplished every week. At Roanoke Landscapes, we want clients to know that the benefits of landscape design justify the effort it takes to get a lawn or garden in top shape. In fact, smart landscaping creates value and improves quality of life in a number of ways—many of which are often overlooked or understated. Here’s a run-down of what a smartly designed landscape can offer homeowners and communities broadly:

Landscape Design

Photo by barnyz on Flickr.

Landscaping Adds Economic Value

 The most obvious benefit of landscape design is an economic one: landscaping increases the value of a home by up to %14. If you’re looking to sell your house, a beautiful landscape could mean the difference between a good pay out and a disappointing one. Landscaping helps distinguish properties, and it adds to their “curb appeal,” or how they look when viewed from the street. Prospective buyers are liable to judge a book by its over, so keeping the outside of your home looking neat may convince them that your property is more desirable than all the rest. Hardscapes are especially beneficial—though it’ll cost you a few thousand dollars to complete a patio or porch installation, that investment could end up coming back to you tenfold when the house is ready to sell.

For commercial businesses, landscape design adds economic value by attracting patrons. Potential customers, just like prospective buyers, are liable to judge a store or restaurant by its cover. Studies have shown that the majority patrons prefer shopping in areas where there’s trees, plants, and other landscaping fixtures. If businesses want to attract more people, landscape design is one simple option.

Landscaping Saves Money

 Landscaping can make you money, but it can also help you save it. Studies show that placing landscaping shrubs and trees around your house can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%-25%. Landscaping plants help produce more shaded areas during the summer, and they act as a form of insulation in the winter.

Landscaping Makes Us Healthier

When landscapes are taken care of and utilized, they promote healthy exercise habits. Gardening, mowing, weeding, and any number of other landscaping chores encourage families to get outside and do physical activity. For children, this can be particularly helpful. Not only does gardening help them exercise, it also teaches them the value of patience, empathy, and hard work.

Landscaping Boosts Mood and Helps Communities

Landscape design can also make us happier. Green spaces are important for emotional wellbeing, and all homeowners should place value in their outdoor space and spend time there when they can. Entire communities can stand to benefit from the feel-good power of plants and lawns. Beautified communities make people happier and foster a sense of safety and security. Green spaces allot time for socializing, strolling, and distancing oneself from the stressors of daily life. In some communities, community gardens have been built onto existing green spaces, creating a very tangible benefit: more fresh fruits and veggies for the community at large.

Landscape design is an all-around investment. It strengthens homes, people, communities, and businesses. More than an afterthought or luxury, landscaping offers something for everybody, and it’s an essential part of living a well-balanced life. If your landscape has been neglected as of late, consider showing it some love. You may be surprised by how good it feels to go outside and put your hands in the dirt.

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