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Dom Newcomb: Account Manager

Dom has been interested in the outdoors ever since he learned to walk, spending most of his childhood playing in the woods and getting dirty on the farm. He started mowing and weed-eating for neighbors when he was just 12 years old, learning the basics and making money. He was a natural. Dom quickly became an expert on the bigger walk-behind mowers and would service and repair them as well. He eventually moved on to vehicles, rebuilding engines and restoring vehicles for fun; all before he even had a license to drive.

At 15, Dom started his first commercial mowing job with Blue Ridge Landscapes and Lawncare. It was here that he developed a better understanding of landscaping (beyond mowing) and was responsible for keeping dozens of businesses looking their best. It was also during this time that he first met Randy Brannan, our owner, when Roanoke Landscapes was installing a retaining wall at one of his properties. Dom says that Roanoke Landscapes really left a lasting impression on him and he always thought of Randy when our vehicles would pass him on the road.

Dom would continue mowing after school and on the weekends until he graduated high school. Wanting a change of pace, and to expand on his already vast mechanical knowledge, Dom started working for GCR Tire Company. It was a great experience, but he always knew that landscaping was his true calling. As he started looking for other jobs he noticed that Roanoke Landscapes was hiring for a Mow Crew Leader. And the rest, they say, is history.

What started as an opportunity to make money at an early age, has blossomed into a promising landscaping career for Dom. After two years leading the mow crew, and repairing practically everything in the shop, he has proved irreplaceable here at Roanoke Landscapes. His extensive mechanical knowledge and work ethic make him absolutely essential to the way this company functions. Dom became our newest Account Manager following the departure of Bradley Newman in the fall of 2019, and has excelled in the position. He’s now responsible for close to 50 properties. We couldn’t be happier to call Dom a member of the Roanoke Landscapes family.

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