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Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening Gifts

Photo by Nicole Cash.

Holiday gift giving is as tender and heartwarming as it is frustrating and stressful. Though all of our loved ones likely proclaim that they care not for material things, the pressure to make people feel special through carefully curated holiday gifts is still very real. If that special someone in your life happens to be a gardener, you’re in luck: we’ve scoured the farthest corners of the internet searching for the niftiest gardening gift ideas so you don’t have to! Here are some suggestions:

A Stylish Pair of Gardening Gloves

For the gardener who also dabbles in looking fabulous: throw away that dingy old pair of brown gardening gloves and replace them with something a bit more vibrant and expressive. After all, why shouldn’t your gardening gloves—one of the most essential gardening tools there is—be any less exciting than your flower pots?

A Succulent Garden

A succulent garden is the perfect gift for an amateur gardener—someone who is interested in cultivating a green thumb but frequently forgets that plants need water. Succulents are beautiful, suspiciously cute, and shamelessly easy to take care of. Buy a succulent starting kit online and watch as your favorite amateur gardener gets a colossal confidence boost.

Rustic Planters

It wouldn’t be 2017 without the word “rustic” being used to describe everything from weddings to craft beer. If you ask me, rustic planters make a little more sense than rustic beverages. Try one made out of weathered tin or a repurposed wagon wheel. You could even make your own, though we know you’d probably rather buy one from Etsy.

Tree Planting Kit

Giving into consumer impulses feels a lot more wholesome when you can help better the environment at the same time. Truth is, planting trees never goes out of style, and the entire family can come together to enjoy this experiential present. Perfect for those who like giving as much (or almost as much) as they like gifts.

A Quirky Birdhouse

Your typical, plain cylindrical bird feeder is well and good—but have your ever considered upgrading to a full-blown Large Victorian Birdhouse? This kind of present is sure to impress eccentric, bird-loving relatives and birds alike. After all, even the birds deserve a home for the holidays.

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