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Identify the Birds in Your Yard

The Audubon society has been the go-to organization for bird lovers and conservationists for over a century, and their website is no exception. Its gorgeous photos and team of talented writers never disappoint. They’ve compiled a list of the fifteen most common birds you might encounter in your backyard. Get to know the whole gang here or scroll down for three of our favorites.



The Blue Jay:

The Blue Jay is a personal favorite, but an undoubtedly beautiful bird in the eyes of anyone. Just look at those feathers! It can be seen flying around yards in most of the eastern states and can be identified not only by its colorful blue hues but by its loud calls; it’s one of the loudest jays (if not THE loudest). The Blue Jay is regarded as somewhat of a feeder bully and will try to scare the other birds away from food, although sometimes with mixed results.



European Starling:

If you walk outside there’s a good chance you’ll spot a European Starling as they tend to be everywhere. Introduced to the United States, these medium-sized birds can be identified by their spiky yellow tipped beak and their dark green and blue feathers that have an oily-appearance. They are usually seen traveling in huge flocks late in the year and have a squeaky almost metallic call.



House Sparrow:

If you don’t happen to spot a starling, then I’d bet money you’ll see a House Sparrow. The sparrow is about the most common bird you will see in any yard, any state. They thrive around humans, making their homes in hedges and foraging for food around sidewalks and parks. The sparrow likes to travel in packs and comes in a variety of colors; the most common have brown backs, gray chests, and a black patch covering the chin.

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