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Why Install a Retaining Wall?

At Roanoke Landscapes, we have done many memorable retaining wall installs. We’ve found that adding a retaining wall to a landscape plan can completely change the functionality and feel of a patio or yard for the better. So, we would like to let you in on what makes retaining walls so spectacular, and why you should consider having one installed.

What is a retaining wall?

Retaining walls serve two purposes: They are an aesthetically pleasing way to frame and shape a landscape, and they are also a form of highly effective yard protection. There are few structures that can add flare, functionality, and durability to your landscape all at once. Retaining walls are a versatile and easy solution to a variety of landscaping woes. And they can be customized to fit your unique vision in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials.

What are the benefits of a retaining wall?

There are many! Here are a few notable perks:


Increase the versatility and usability of your yard: Retaining walls can be used as a barrier to separate different sections of your yard and optimize organization. Plant a flower garden on one side of your retaining wall and build an outdoor patio on the other, for instance. You can also use walls to level out drastically sloped backyards and increase usable space. They are a beautiful solution to unseemly slopes and dirt piles, and they can be integrated and customized into any landscape plan. Use them to construct vertical gardens, install outdoor light fixtures, or even incorporate a stone fire pit into one!


Protect your landscape from erosion and flooding: Erosion and flooding threaten almost every climate. Either one can quickly destroy a carefully planned landscape. In addition to being attractive yard features, retaining walls also protect against the threat of flooding or erosion by holding loose soil in place and giving water a safe draining route. They can also protect patios and driveway from harsh sunlight and wind damage.



Add a sturdy and reliable yard fixture that will be there for years to come: Luckily for yard owners, retaining walls require little maintenance after installation. They hold up well in bad weather conditions– especially when constructed from natural, locally-sourced materials –and they can withstand a large amount of wear and tear. Well-constructed retaining walls can handle a lot of weight without cracking or crumbling, which makes them safe for families with children and pets. When a wall is done right, you shouldn’t have to worry about it, and that is a huge perk for busy home and business owners.


Roanoke Landscapes Retaining Wall that Won Belgard Award

Roanoke Landscapes is dedicated to creating the highest quality final product. We can construct whatever kind of retaining wall you need, no matter how big or small. Our focus is creating a beautiful, durable, affordable structure that you can enjoy for years and years. We use only the best materials from manufacturers like Allan Block, Techo Block, and Belgard. Recently, we won a Belgard Project Excellence award for using Belgard products to create an outstanding living space. Regardless of the design or purpose you have in mind for your retaining wall, we can make it a reality that you will be sure to marvel at and enjoy day after day.


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  2. You got me when you said that retaining walls can help you to make sure that you won’t suffer from flooding because they give water a safe draining route. Most of my plants die due to overwatering when it rains. It is so disheartening to see some of my plants get damaged due to flooding, so I will hire a hardscaping contractor that offers retaining wall services.

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