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Our Services

Roanoke Landscapes has been offering comprehensive landscaping services to residential and commercial property owners in Roanoke and surrounding areas.
Our company has a team of seasoned landscapers, hardscaping professionals, and outdoor living specialists.
You can hire us to design, install, and maintain hardscapes, water features, outdoor living spaces, fire features, lawns, and other landscape features in your property.
We will help you achieve your dream outdoor space at a cost that won’t harm your pockets.
Please call us at (540) 992-4845 or (540) 772-0079 and let us talk about the specific landscape features that you desire and the best landscape setup for your property.
We are also the best people to hire for your outdoor improvement projects. Please take a look at our premium services below.

Property Management

At Roanoke Landscapes, you will get premium landscape maintenance services at affordable rates.
We ease your burden by taking care of all the maintenance needs of your property.
We perform all the tedious tasks such as mowing, trimming, weed control, leaf removal, pest treatment, clean-up, and other lawn care tasks.
Our seasoned landscapers are highly efficient in performing their jobs because they use appropriate tools and proven maintenance techniques.
You will surely get the perfect care for your property with our tiered property management plans.
Dial any of our hotlines now for more details about our property maintenance services.
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Landscape Lighting

We will make your landscape and outdoor space even more beautiful at night with our carefully installed landscape lighting.
We can install path lights, spotlights, lanterns, string lights, underwater lighting, and other specialty lighting in specific areas in your property.
We have certified lighting technicians in our team so you are guaranteed of a reliable lighting installation.
The premium lighting products that we use in all our installation projects come from top brands. They are durable, stylish and perfectly designed for outdoor use.
We understand that you worry about the monthly cost of your lighting setup so we only recommend LED lights and low voltage lighting.
And the best thing about hiring us is that we never compromise your safety. We will ensure that the entire lighting system is handled by our certified electricians.
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If you are still looking for an irrigation specialist, please contact us today. Roanoke Landscapes has expert irrigation technicians who can design and build different types of irrigation systems.
You can hire us to build an automated sprinkler system for your lawn or custom design drip-type irrigation for your garden and other landscape plantings.
The water systems that we create are highly efficient so you need not worry about the cost of your monthly water bill.
Your irrigation can last for years with minimal maintenance effort because we use only premium quality products.
The top brands that we highly recommend include Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, and RainBird.
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As the most recommended masonry material for outdoor improvement projects, you won’t regret installing pavers on your property.
These materials are best used on your patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks, and outdoor living spaces.
We highly recommend pavers for their elegant appeal, durability, design flexibility, and ease of maintenance.
But you need expert paver installers to enjoy all these benefits. Certified installers like us know the right installation techniques and use appropriate tools and equipment when working on paver installation projects. Your paver features will last a lifetime since we use only top brands such as Belgard, Techo-Bloc, and Eagle Bay.
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Retaining Walls

We will make your outdoor area safer and more functional by installing sturdy retaining walls in strategic spots in your property.
We can create themed walls to suit your design taste and the existing architecture of your home or building.
Since these types of walls retain large volume of soil, we use only top-quality retaining wall blocks and supplies.
Our retaining walls are guaranteed long-lasting, eye-catching, and low maintenance.
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Let us complete your landscape setting by installing some custom-designed hardcapes. These features will not only create a safer outdoors but also improve its functionality and beauty. We make sure that they are designed to match our client’s home or building architecture.
Do you need a new garden pathway or a custom-designed patio for your rest and relaxation needs? We can design and build these features.
Our extensive experience in hardscape installation is a clear proof of our competency in this area.
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Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Dining alfresco style dinner with your family and friends will be more fun and memorable if you have outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.
These are vital features so we always prepare well-thought-out design plans.
We can work on a simple kitchen setup or a fully furnished kitchen complete with your chosen features and amenities.
You may opt for the open-type design or a roofed-kitchen, depending on your needs and budget allocation.
Meanwhile, the outdoor fireplaces that we build are made from tough materials.
They are also designed by our creative team, so you can expect an elegant fire feature in your property.
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Water Features

Water features are excellent additions to your landscape because of the benefits they offer. They create a relaxing outdoor ambiance and make outdoor spaces more inviting.
And here at Roanoke Landscapes, we can install custom-designed water features in your property at reasonable costs.
Some of the features that we can install include ponds, fountains, and waterfalls.
These will be installed strategically or combined with other features to achieve your desired outdoor ambiance.
Our team knows how to build natural-looking water amenities, so you will definitely enjoy and love them once were done with the installation.
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Holiday Lighting

Do you want your home or commercial property to be a head-turner during the holiday season? We can help you here at Roanoke Landscapes.
We will install specialty lighting and other holiday decor in specific spots in your property. Our creative team can install themed lighting setups to highlight the festive mood of the season.
We will also use various lighting techniques and even animated displays to meet your needs and desired outcome.
Please call us for more details on our holiday lighting service. Just don’t forget to ask about our special pricing for new lighting installation.
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