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Sharp Mower Blades = Healthy Grass

Keeping your mower blades sharp is the key to a healthy lawn, so do yourself a favor and make sure your blades are sharp. How do you check? The most obvious way is to examine the blade itself. While you’re at it, check for any significant chips or dents. Inconsistencies like these end up tearing and damaging your grass instead of providing a nice clean cut. You can also look for unevenness in your yard. If you had to go over it several times to get spots you “missed” then your blades are probably dull. Want another way to check for dull blades? Don’t check the blades on the mower, check the blades of grass.


Image by Aaron Patton of Lawn Joule.

A – This is what a leaf blade should look like when you get done mowing. A clean cut across the top without any white tissue.

B – This blade of grass has been hacked at by a dull mower blade. You’ll notice a line of discoloration.

C – Starting to see a more defined white fiber top? It’s time to sharpen your mower blades.

D – There’s no way around this one, those blades are dull. Wiry fibrous tissue coming from the top of the grass indicates that those mower blades need sharpening ASAP.


If you have grass blades like the one labeled “A”, then you get an A+. If your grass blades look anything like B, C and D then you need to sharpen up. Dull blades don’t only make your lawn look bad or uneven, they can do a lot worse. When you’re hacking at your grass and pulling instead of cutting it effects the overall health of your grass. This can lead to discoloration, water loss, lawn disease, or even dead grass.

It’s recommended that you sharpen blades after 10 hours of mowing. Sharp mower blades leave your grass healthy and even, allowing the individual grass blades to recover more easily. This reduces the risk of parasites or diseases infiltrating your lawn.  Sharper blades also make for a quicker and easier mow, and less stress on your lawnmower’s engine. It’s really as simple as that; your lawn mower will last longer, your grass will look/feel better, and you’ll spend less time mowing. So what are you waiting for? Get to sharpening!


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