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Spring Seeding with Tupersan

We can’t stress enough about the importance of aerating and over-seeding your lawn in the fall. It’s paramount in the quest for a year-round healthy and beautiful landscape. A thin landscape that hasn’t been over-seeded will inevitably be overrun with weeds at the first signs of spring. Moreover, pre-emergent will prevent any new grass-seed from even growing. However, if you absolutely have to over-seed in the spring there is a solution; Tupersan. It’s the only pre-emergent herbicide that will provide the control of crabgrass and weeds while allowing desirable turfgrass to germinate and thrive.

Tupersan is often paired with a complete fertilizer, such as the 12-24-11 pictured above, but you should always read the labels to ensure that the fertilizer and Tupersan are a good match for your landscape. The following information can be found on the Tupersan label:


WEEDS CONTROLLED: Annual weed grasses such as Crabgrass

(smooth and hairy), Foxtail (green and yellow) Barnyardgrass

(Watergrass). This product will not control Poa annua. This product

will not control established weeds that are already growing.


WHERE TO USE: For use on Bluegrass, Fescue, Redtop,

Perennial Ryegrass, Smooth Brome, Orchardgrass and certain

Bentgrass strains (Penncross, Seaside, Highland, Astoria, Nimisila,

C1, C7 and C19). Do not use on other Bentgrass varieties since

injury may occur. Do not use on Bermudagrass.



FOR NEW SPRING SEEDINGS: Apply 2.5 pounds per 1000

square feet to treat and feed lawn where bare ground or very thin

turf is seeded in the spring and 2 weeks prior to weed seed

germination. Follow good cultural practices of keeping area moist

to help grass seed germinate and also to activate the pre-emergent

herbicide and to get maximum benefit from the lawn food.


LAWNS IN THE SPRING: Apply 5 pounds per 1000 square feet to

treat and feed turf. Apply in spring prior to the expected emergence

of the annual weed grasses. This will vary from early February in

the south to early March in the north. Follow the application with a

thorough watering (1/2 inch) to activate the herbicide.


HOW TO APPLY: To insure best weed control and proper

fertilization the lawns should be free of leaves, grass clippings or

thatch which might interfere with the pre-emergence action of the

herbicide. Complete all cultural practices such as aerification

before application. Apply with a properly calibrated fertilizer

spreader. If it does not rain within 3 days after application, water the

area thoroughly to get desired results.


RESEEDING TREATED AREAS: This product may be applied to

the soil at the same time as sowing grass seed. When used as

directed on listed turfgrasses this product will not affect the

germination of those seedling grasses.


As stated above, it’s extremely important to read the labels for pre-emergent, fertilizers, or anything else you plan on introducing into your landscape. Tupersan is an incredibly effective pre-emergent that, when used as directed, will prevent spring weeds and also allow new grass to flourish. If you have any questions about Tupersan, or questions on how to keep your lawn looking picture-perfect, give us a call at 540-772-0079. We offer free estimates and would love to make your landscape shine!


  1. Lee says:

    Is it too late to do overseeding and aeration now in this area? If not what’s a close estimate for 2500sq ft?
    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      While it’s never too late to overseed and aerate, we highly recommend waiting until the fall. Spring seeding is a gamble. Grass roots need ample time to establish themselves and shallow roots tend to get cooked in the sun. A few days of that summer heat could wipe out your entire lawn, leaving you with a pretty bad return on investment. If you are fine with the risk, and absolutely have to overseed now, at 2500 sq ft you’re looking at roughly $800. I would wait until the fall, but either way give us a call at (540)-772-0079. We are a full-service landscaping company operating in the area for the last 20 years. We offer free estimates on everything from aeration and overseeding, to outdoor fireplaces and hardscapes. We appreciate you reading our blog and reaching out. Thanks!

  2. Robert J. Shepherd says:

    I need help with my lawn. It has been taken over by moss and weeds. I would appreciate an appointment for an estimate on a full lawn and landscape makeover. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hey Robert,
      We’re sorry to hear about your lawn, but we’d love to help with the makeover!
      Give us a call at 540-772-0079 so we can set up an appointment. Thank you!

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