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The Automower: Never Mow Your Lawn Again

Technological advances and autonomous machines have paved the way for a society of infinite possibilities. Medical breakthroughs are now normal, driver-less vehicles are on the rise, and we’re edging closer to a manned mission to Mars. In many ways we have blurred the lines between science fiction and reality. Technology makes our lives easier and some of our favorite tech happens to revolve around everyone’s least favorite thing; household chores. Not only do we have machines that wash our clothes and clean our dishes, we now have robots that vacuum our house. I don’t know if that’s a “work smarter not harder” innovation or just the product of laziness, but either way I can’t complain. As time goes on household automation will only increase, and now even yard work is being automated. Yes, mowing your lawn is a thing of the past thanks to the Automower by Husqvarna.



It operates much like a Roomba (robotic vacuum); continuously cutting your grass and returning to a charging base whenever its batteries are low. Husqvarna boasts that the autonomous mower silently navigates around your yard, cutting your grass evenly and to whatever length that you prefer. Thanks to its quiet operation, the Automower is able to mow your grass throughout the night without waking the neighbors. It’s weatherproof, as is the charging station, and works to cut your grass rain or shine.

How does it work? The Automower navigates your yard with the help of boundary wires installed along the outside of your property. Any trees or mulch beds also get wired off in order to create a defined perimeter. Once the mower gets near the buried wires it turns around and heads in another direction, mowing your lawn in a variety of patterns. Simply turn the device on, select your preferred settings and let it go to work; “set it and forget it” says Husqvarna. An app lets you choose which days it operates or you can set it to work around clock.

However, just like most autonomous machines, there are some drawbacks. The main drawback is the cost. Not only are the machines expensive, but boundary wire installation is also expensive. Another expense you’ll notice is a steep electric bill; I imagine operating the self-charging Automower 24/7 won’t come cheap. Also, your yard work isn’t entirely eliminated; the grass around boundary wires, especially those set around flowerbeds and trees, will still need to be trimmed with a weed-eater.

The Automower, with its futuristic design, is an undoubtedly cool concept. I have to admit that never having to mow your lawn is appealing, but the technology is still very new and thus the costs remain high. I wouldn’t recommend the Automower just yet, but there is another solution if you never want to mow again. You guessed it, give Roanoke Landscapes a call at 540-772-0079! We will make sure your property is always looking picture-perfect.

To learn more on the Husqvarna Automower visit their website here.

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