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Roanoke Landscapes specializes in the creation of hyper-realistic, beautiful, and relaxing water features. Our flowing stone waterfalls are sure to wow family, friends, and guests. These designs fit seamlessly into your garden or yard and provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed year-round.

Types of Waterfall Installs

Roanoke Landscapes specializes in installing the following kinds of waterfalls:

  • Wall-Mounted. This is ideal for outdoor areas that have limited spaces. The water flows down over a textured wall or any other vertical element.
  • Waterfalls with ponds. A pond is a great addition to a landscape, and adding a waterfall to it will eliminate any possibilities of standing water.
  • Pondless. Instead of having waterfall onto a pond, it falls into a bed of rocks. This is ideal for those who want something unique and creative.
  • Poolside. A swimming pool is a great recreation area by itself, but adding a waterfall will further enhance its beauty and function.


Water Fountains

Water fountains add a special touch of flare to any garden or yard. Roanoke Landscapes has a variety of design options for you to explore:

  • Wall fountains: Can be attached to any flat wall or fence!
  • Floor fountain: Large and eye-catching, these fountains are built from the ground up.
  • Tabletop Fountain: Perfect for tabletops, desktops, nightstands, kitchen countertops, patio tables, etc.
  • Pool fountain: Spruce up your swimming pool or spa with a fountain installation!
  • Pond fountain: A beautiful addition to any pond, and the moving water discourages the growth of algae.
  • Spouting: These fountains help emphasize statues and other lawn ornaments by creating a spouting, bubbling, or misting effect.
  • Cascading: A classic, downward flowing design.


Roanoke Landscapes also specializes in pond installations. We can build both naturalistic models–complete with water lilies, moss, and fish–and more structured, modern-looking ponds. Whatever your goals are, we will work with you to honor them. Our designs come in a variety of sizes, styles, and can be customized to fit any landscape.

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