Want a better landscape? Let Roanoke Landscapes make your vision a reality.
We specialize in Landscape design, outdoor living areas, irrigation, property management and everything in between. See what we can do for you!


  • Landscape & Hardscape Design

    Roanoke Landscapes is a leading industry professional in hardscape and landscape design. Our crew works with customers to ensure that landscape and hardscape designs are meticulously planned, installed, and maintained. Our work is efficient, thorough, and never skimps on the details.
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  • Property Management

    Too busy to mow, water, plant, fertilizer, and do the other chores on your "landscape to-do" list? Roanoke Landscapes can do all of your landscape maintenance for you! We'll perform a detailed survey of your yard, set a task-list and schedule, and then make sure every aspect of your landscape is taken care of.
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  • Irrigation

    The health of your landscape depends on irrigation. Improperly installed irrigation systems can wreak havoc on your lawn. Roanoke Landscapes takes care to install every sprinkler, pipe, and irrigation accessory with absolute precision. We also take care of irrigation maintenance.

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  • Holiday Lighting

    Roanoke Landscapes provides top quality holiday lighting design and installation for home owners and businesses across Southwest Virginia. Our team of trained professionals skillfully adds wonder and awe to our clients' properties. We even take care of the cleanup.

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About Us

Roanoke Landscapes provides professional design, installation, and maintenance of all phases of landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pavers, walls, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Roanoke Landscapes is at the forefront of paving stone installation. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.

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Your Professionals

Roanoke Landscapes is more than just a group of professionals, we are a family.

Randy & Mary Brannan


Mark Burton

Professional Horticulturist

Dennis Cauley

Operations and Commercial Accounts

Salvador Garcia

Professional Irrigation Technician

Lee Jones

Account Manager

Dom Newcomb

Account Manager


" Dear Randy,
Thank you and your crew for your beautiful work! The re-grading of the yard, the new stairs and retaining walls came out better than I thought they could. You folks went above and beyond my expectations! And the good Lord provided 2 days of rainfall to help us out with watering the new sod! I will be calling you folks again real soon when I am ready to mulch the front and side of my property.
Again, Thanks for a job well done. With much appreciation."

- The White's
" Thank you so much for the kind gift. Just recently at a school banquet for our daughter's graduation, we heard "The Dash" for the first time. What powerful words. Sometimes you need a reminder to slow down and this book will do just that.
Also, just wanted to let you know that our guests at our daughter's graduation party this past Saturday loved your work in our yard!
Thank you for a job well done. We would gladly recommend you to anyone. Best wished and thank you again."

- Yolanda and Keith
" Thank you so very much for decorating our weeping cherry and holly. I so appreciate you doing this so quickly. They both look absolutely beautiful and they certainly enhance what we already had.

I will be sure to pass your name around to all I work with to help you succeed in business.

Again, thank you so very much for a fabulous job. "

- Diane


" Mary, Randy and All,

Thanks again, for the nice job that you did for us. We really appreciate your careful, thoughtful approach.
Best regards! "

- Andy & John
" We are grateful that Greenbrier Nurseries highly recommended you. Your workmanship was superb, and every piece of debris was cleaned up when you finished.
Thank you. We will recommend you to all we know. "

- Jim and Colleen
" Thank you so much for an awesome job! We have received numerous compliments from our neighbors. Your crew of guys did a wonderful job!"

- Melissa and Mike
" I did see it and you actually did more than what I was going to ask since some of the area was due to my dogs being a little destructive. I really appreciate you taking care of it and going above and beyond. Your company is a class act and I assure you that we will be doing business together in the future.
I've told all my friends and coworkers about the great job you did. Anytime you need a reference, you let me know.
Also, I'd like to thank you for the book. It is great.

- James
" Dear Randy and Mary,

Sarah and I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you how pleased we are with the new walkway and landscaping on the front of our home. The finished product far exceeds our expectations and has been the source of a number of complements from friends and neighbors who have come to visit.

Thank you, and may God continue to bless you both."

- Mac and Sarah Campbell
" Thank you so very much for The Dash. What a terrific way to make an impression on the lives of those with who you do business. Yes, David and I are completely satisfied with our mulching project! After having watched Roanoke Landscapes for nearly a year, I knew what to expect - a landscaping company that provides superior service! I hope your business is wildly successful because you deserve it! Will continue to wave at Randy and the crew as they drive by, and will definitely call on you again when I need help."

- Cyndi & David


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